vineri, 19 iulie 2013

Kids and dogs relationship

Dogs can be friends, but they can and bite! Friendship a dog can be very beneficial for emotional and mental health of a child. But children, especially those under 7 years are at risk of being bitten. They may also contact may be disfigured by illness or a dog that was caused, which may leave severe trauma. It is well known that stray dogs are dangerous bites. However, most bites are produced by a dog known victim (neighbor's dog, the dog of a friend etc). Parents are responsible to teach their children to treat dogs with respect, first for themselves safe.
Why dogs bite? 
The vast majority of dogs are companions around which we trust and feel safe. But even a friendly dog ​​bite when threatened, when provoked or when injured. Some dogs can be described as dangerous by their gene itself (referring to their instincts) or that they were trained to be aggressive and chase / attack.
 Dogs guarding things, places and people
Just like humans, dogs are good guardians of the things they care about, whether it's their food, their toys or whatever they think they belong. Also look out for and places where hounds are left: either it's his favorite place to rest or where you eat, be it other places (the backyard of a house, porch, parked cars etc). A child who is trying to put his hand through a fence or arrive unannounced at the door way, gentle and loyal dog can turn into a neighbor's protector and is aggressive growl. Dogs offer us protection. We must ensure that children are aware of these situations can scare you or make a dog aggressive.
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 Other reasons for a dog bite
Germination or stand huddled over a dog, tormenting him, especially if it's a small dog, the kids can make him feel like he has to defend.
Children should keep away from the dog and not expose her face close to the dog's mouth. Face (figure) is the one that suffers the most dangerous injuries from bites. Stray dogs are in danger and can in turn be dangerous. Any dog ​​that walks alone on the streets may be a lost dog, scared or hurt - and is even more likely that it will bite.
Sick or injured dogs may be irritated or they may be afraid, so should be avoided by children.
Older dogs (aged) may have poor eyesight or poor hearing or may be more sensitive to the touch, which can make them attack. Some dogs rarely come into contact with other people, so they are not sociable. Dogs who live or around children must be able to tolerate a malicious behavior on their part, without jumping to bite. Choose with great care the dog and encourage your dog not to bite, whether it's a toy or whatever to avoid problems like this in the future. Most dog bites caused by children occur when the child knows that dog. A dog is excited or nervous can bite by mistake. Children should be educated not to fight dogs, do not you tease / torment the dog, do not yell at him not to chase dogs or other animals.
 Dogs may feel abandoned, especially when a new baby or another pet in the home that makes its appearance. In such situations, give your dog more affection and attention.
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